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2016-08-21 17:21:37

TDC at the Catalyst - FINALLY!

TDC Show - TDC at the CatalystOoooooh snap! Guess what? Finally, Santa Cruz and Goonsquad fans are going to get the ultimate in entertainment - TDC at the Catalyst! We've been working on the scene locally for the past couple of years and it's about time we get into the biggest indoor SC Venue we've ever performed at! This is the perfect opportunity to come support the homies - help us turn up and turn it out!

TDC at the Catalyst tho: Problem's "itLife Tour"

TDC at the Catalyst with Problem FlyerIf you've never heard of Problem, then maybe you've never played Grand Theft Auto! He has a song on the last GTA game and has worked with a who's who of rap musicians including Snoop Dogg and E-40. If you've heard his music, then you know that the turnup is real - especially when combined with the #GOONSQUAD! There's going to be so much talent in the building, including Nicky Indica and Bazooka Joe as the Coastside Click, Sweatshop & Owl Green and of course TDC.

Get Your Advance Tickets Here!

This is definitely a show you don't want to miss! Don't have anything to do the Sunday before Labor Day? No sweat, hit up the Catalyst and turn up with us! It will definitely be worth your while! Get more details as they emerge on Facebook or check out the official show page on the Catalyst website.

WHEN: Sunday, September 4th at 8:30 PM (16+, $20 online - cop tickets HERE / $25 at door)
WHERE: Catalyst Club - 1011 Pacific Ave, Santa Cruz, CA 95060

As always, we look forward to seeing our fans at any event. Make sure you're subscribed to our mailing list to always hear about songs, festivals and shows in advance!

2016-08-11 22:01:27

TDC Show and Album Announcements August 2016

TDC Show - TDC Rips it at Populuxe 2016What Up friends and fans!!! We just wanted to fill you all in on two new developments. First, our EP has likely been pushed back to winter. We really want to give this proper promotion, including some cool gear and another video, so this is actually good news! You know our commitment to delivering a great package whether its an album or a TDC Show. Look for more developments about the impending EP in the next few weeks! Speaking of shows, though...

Big TDC show coming up: The "You Ain't Never Tour"

Halloween 2016 Hip Hop at the ShowdownDa MaddHouze comes through AGAIN with a banger of a show. This time, TDC's back at the Showdown on HALLOWEEN! This means total chaos. The You Ain't Never Tour features T-Roy aka Reezy, with special guests 1Lady, Mobb Fam, Y.A.D., Mizere, Zenbudda7, J Quest, Mr. Jet Black & TDC. Our buddy DJ L.O.C will be holding it down once again on the 1's & 2's all night.
Did we mention this is a costume party? Make sure you come dressed appropriately for Halloween in the city! Given the circumstances, we are really planning on making this TDC show a night to remember. If you don't have plans this Halloween, you have them now. So you can stop wondering what you are going to do and start figuring out where you are going to park! This show is definitely bound to go down as the best San Francisco Halloween party ever! Get more details as they emerge on Facebook.

WHEN: Monday, October 31st at 9 PM (21+, $5)
WHERE: Showdown - 10 6th St, San Francisco, CA 94103

As always, we look forward to seeing our fans at any event. Make sure you're subscribed to our mailing list to always hear about songs, festivals and shows in advance!

2016-07-25 18:56:07

A Rundown of TDC’s August Shows

TDC’s August Shows are About to be LIT

TDC’s August ShowsTDC’s August shows are going to be off the chain! The Three Dimensional Goonsquad are coming off of a super eventful July and we’re keeping the ball rolling with these upcoming must-see events in August. Santa Cruz and San Jose hip hop fans should make sure they can hit at least one of these events for maximum turn-uppage! If you go to one of these shows, you are extremely likely to see some new material from the crew! Peep out some details below and make sure your calendar is marked for a super hot end to this summer's TDC-related events:

The Beat Cellar

Da MaddHouze seriously throws the most cracking’ shows. If you’ve never been, there’s no time like August 2nd at familiar TDC haunt the Blue Lagoon in Santa Cruz, CA. Featuring Nasa Reegz, Jules Jones, M Dot Brando, Champlu, 1Lady, Scorpion, Young Dedicated Proper, Judah Sun, Three Dimensional Crew, Dopeless, Unanimus, J. Quest, Hazel Rose/Pz, DJ L.O.C on the 1's & 2's and a live cypher by Santa Cruz Cypher Sessions! Turn up Tuesday in full effect!!!!Get more details as they emerge on Facebook.

WHEN: Tuesday, August 2nd at 9 PM (21+, $5)
WHERE: Blue Lagoon - 923 Pacific Ave, Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Bay 2 LA

Question: Another MaddHouze show? Answer: Hell yeah! This time, TDC is about to hold it down in one of the best places to see live hip hop in San Jose - the Back Bar! Featuring Bukue One with live performances by J Duce, AK on The Beat, 3HD ( Three Headed Dragon ), Spit Savage, TDC, 7ucas, and Fo Dub Entertainment. The show also will feature special guest Hugo Monster and the one and only DJ L.O.C holding it down on the ones and twos! This night is going to be INSANELY turnt! Get more details as they emerge on Facebook.

WHEN: Saturday, August 13th at 8 PM (21+, $10 at the door, $8 presale
WHERE: Back Bar Sofa - 418 S Market St, San Jose, CA 95113

As always, we look forward to seeing our fans at any event. Make sure you're subscribed to our mailing list to always hear about songs, festivals and shows in advance!

2016-07-06 15:31:28

TDC - Business Music Video Released

Check out the latest and greatest from Three Dimensional Crew! The #GOONSQUAD has spent a ton of effort on this track and now we proudly present our latest creation. Watch the Business music video below and make sure to click over to YouTube and give us a like! We also really want shares, help your favorite rappers go viral!!!

Business Music Video

Thanks for watching the Business music video! We put a lot of work into the track and the video and we really hope you like it and share it! If you haven't downloaded your copy of Business yet, you can do so for FREE at this link. Be sure to sign up for our mailing list so you don't miss another show, music video or new track!

2016-07-03 18:35:29

New TDC Music Video for "Business" Drops 7/6/2016

Everyone asked, and we responded! Yes, there's not one fan we talked to that did not request a new TDC Music Video. What else could we do but oblige? The TDC Goonsquad comes with another three dimensional trip out session and it drops Wednesday July 6th 2016!

Why Business for a TDC Music Video?

We perform the hell out of that song! We wanted to bring you all some visuals that help capture the vibe when we do it live. Seeing as our faces aren't everywhere (yet) and we're not on a national tour (yet), we figured this is the best solution. You can get the experience and see who's actually on the mic! Check out this quick PSA from Tony Diamonds from the day of filming:

Behind the scenes

We shot the whole video in and around our studio with help from Cypher Sessions and we really wanted to give a tripped-out yet exciting portrayal of the song! Peep this brief camera capture:
The whole video was then edited by Tony Diamonds. Check out a very tired Tony in the middle of working on this TDC music video:

Business Handled

If you haven't peeped Business yet, you can check it out here. Make sure you're subscribed to our mailing list to keep up to date about our new videos!

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