Three Dimensional Crew Self Titled EP

Three Dimensional Crew Self Titled EP Release 12/20

Three Dimensional Crew Self Titled EP coverIt’s here! The Three Dimensional Crew Self Titled EP is now available online and in physical form. If you’ve been patiently waiting for our first official release, cop the new album here!

TDC’s new EP is definitely an immersive sound experience. The team’s goal is to pull you directly into the turn up in all three dimensions, painting vivid pictures that make it feel as if TDC is in the room/car/club with you! John Dough, Tony Diamonds and Tyl3r Durd3n all greatly expanded their flow styles and other techniques to accommodate a more modern sound with catchy hooks and rapid fire flows. That said, the #goonsquad stays true to their roots, bringing you excerpts of their thoughts and experiences with every line.

Producer Tony Diamonds uses over a decade of production expertise to set up all the beats on this album, and DJ/Engineer B-Shag Hennessy expertly brings each track to life. The collaborative style ensures that the sounds on this EP not only take full advantage of the stereo spectrum, but also deliver solid slap through any subwoofer they are tested against! You can put this music on and zone out, dance to it and even dissect the lyrics and imagery.

There’s a lot going on with this EP in addition to the dope music. The cover artwork is presented in 3D and works with standard red/cyan 3D glasses. Those that grab a physical copy of the album will notice that all the panels/inserts and the CD itself contain elements of 3D that come to life with 3D shades!

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