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Three Dimensional Crew – I’m Wit It (Stream New Track)

Three Dimensional Crew – I’m Wit It is our latest track and we are super proud of it! We’ve performed this one a few times and people really turn up to it at shows, so we figured it was time for a release!

The sound were were going for initially was “banger-ish”. After all was said and done, it came out more sounding a little more like a pop track. With some banger qualities of course. We weren’t planning on adding this one to any upcoming albums, so basically its a loosey. Peep it for free right here!

Stream Three Dimensional Crew – I’m Wit It

If you’re feeling this track or can think of a way we can improve it, leave us a comment with feedback on soundcloud!

Track Credits

Beat – Tony Diamonds
Raps (in order of appearance) – Tony Diamonds, John Dough, Tyl3r Durd3n
Mix – B-Shag Hennessy

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