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TDC Shows – July 2016

TDC Shows on Deck

TDC is back up in this! It’s gonna be a HOT summer as Three Dimensional Crew is about to get crazy with the shows, so rather than one blog post per show, we wanted to hit you up with everything at once! We respect our fan’s time and feedback, so we want to make sure you have the widest scope of all the impending TDC shows this summer! Definitely cruise through to any of these events. Not only are you supporting the Goonsquad, you’re also supporting independent hip hop. Plus, you know TDC gets it crackin at every event, so you’re guaranteed to have a great time! Read on to see what the events are: Continue reading TDC Shows – July 2016

TDC Studio Tour and New 2016 Hip Hop Songs in the Works

John Dough Tony Diamonds TDC ExecutivesTDC is in full effect, always in the studio and always creating. We know that you are all out there constantly trying to hear the best tracks, and that real artists stay creating, so we are definitely working on a multitude of 2016 hip hop songs for our fans! That said, if you haven’t seen us live yet, we wanted to show you where we record and also a little message about who to talk to if you want to discuss anything TDC-related. Continue reading TDC Studio Tour and New 2016 Hip Hop Songs in the Works

TDC at the Showdown May 2016 Recap

If you missed the May 2016 edition of Watzlocal, then you missed TDC at the Showdown! Never fear, here we have some photos and a blow-by-blow of TDC’s performance.

TDC #Goonsquad was in full hip hop effect as they took the stage immediately following an intro from Bay Area legend DJ Too Tough and stellar performances by the event host Watzreal and local up-and-coming artist Kaebee. B-Shag Hennessy (TDC’s Chief Engineer of Sound Quality… and DJ) cued up an epic beat, which enabled our favorite goons to start transmitting energy into the crowd, getting everyone hyped up to see the rest of the performance. Continue reading TDC at the Showdown May 2016 Recap

TDC Show at the Showdown

YES! Another TDC show! TDC #GOONSQUAD will be performing at the Showdown courtesy of Watzreal at the May 2016 edition of Watz Local. This particular edition of the monthly installment features Three Dimensional Crew opening up for regionally recognized artist Vocab Slick. Additional performances include Watzreal, 3 Headed Dragon (YDMC, Maq Steez & Madman), Johnny Kap, Tone LLF, CloeyDntlove, Skeeze and Kaebee. Continue reading TDC Show at the Showdown