Meet the Crew

TDC Goonsquad - aka Three Dimensional Crew - are from all around the Bay Area & Northern California, and now are headquartered in Santa Cruz. Tony Diamonds, John Dough and Tyl3r Durd3n along with DJ and engineer B-Shag Hennessy preform shows all the time, turning up crowds throughout California. We've opened for national hip hop stars Problem and RA The Rugged Man as well as underground hip hop artists like Locksmith. We've also performed alongside award-winning Canadian artists Illvibe and Johnny Active and performed at various festivals and concerts in multiple cities in California. Known for bringing the energy, if TDC is on, the show is guaranteed to be lit!

We would describe our sound as smooth yet energetic, bass-driven beats with a variety of rap flows, vocal melodies and catchy, energetic hooks. TDC evolved from a traditional hip hop sound to one that's on the cutting edge of what the art form is today.

Each member of the crew brings their own flair to the goonsquad, which makes for an extremely interesting mix of ideas and flows. Tony Diamonds is the swaggy one, known for stunting in some fresh gear while also providing the beats that serve as TDC's sonic backdrop. Tyl3r Durd3n, resident 420 expert and ladies man, presents a smooth yet gritty sound and a variety of styles to draws you into his personal world. John Dough is the epitome of a rugged emcee, delivering empowering raps, varying between smooth and rugged rap flows. B-Shag Hennessy helps engineer TDC's sound to stay exciting and ahead of the curve - fans can discover something new on almost every listen!

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